Chemist Compare

With Australian wages stagnated at record low, vast majority of Australians are concerned about their expenses and they are looking to cut back if they can. Depending on circumstances, pharmaceutical expenditure can take a large cut of living expenses. Chemist Compare is a price analysis website for major Australia chemists/pharmacies with physical presence. Data collected from Chemist Warehouse, Priceline Pharmacy, Terry White Chenmart and Discount Drug Stores is processed using machine learning method to combine relevant product for price comparison.

The process involves combining duplicated offerings (for example orange/lemon/honey/berry throat lozenge) from a vendor, and matching product offerings from vendors to produce an aggregated view of single product. Price data is also stored in our database for historical price tracking, and it is accessible through Chemist Compare search engine.


There are currently around 22,250 searchable products in our database, with 3172 of the searchable products sold by more than one vendor, 572 by 3 vendors, and 117 on all four vendors. Chemist Warehouse have the most extensive products offering (PBS prescribed medicine, perfume, etc) with 13,093 unique searchable products. It is followed by Priceline Pharmacy at 7708. Based on our historical price change database, both vendors also recorded the most price adjustments during the weekdays.

Products breakdown by vendors

Please note that some of the products are sold by multiple vendor, hence the total of the table below will not match the total searchable products through our search engine.

Chemist/Pharmacy Unique Products %
Chemist Warehouse 13,093 58%
Priceline Pharmacy 7,708 34%
Discount Drug Stores 2,891 13%
TerryWhite Chemmart 1,235 5%

Pricing Accuracy

Pricing information is collected daily to get you the latest prices from major chemists/pharmacies. While we make every effort to ensure the pricing is accurate, you should always visit vendor’s website (via our product details page) for accurate pricing. Please do note that price could be incorrect due to:

  • delay in data collection
  • Tweaks in product matching machine learning model

Where is the product image?

Due to copyright restriction, we are unable to display product imagery without permission from product manufacturer/vendor. As there are over 20,000 unique products in our database, image sourcing will be a huge undertaking. A hyperlink to Google Image search is provided on product page as an intermediate solution.