Price Movement

Amcal (Allied Master Chemists of Australia Limited) is part of Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited (who also own Discount Drugstore) have been added to the basket list of pharmacies for price comparison on 20 Mar. Amcal have approximately 1,714 searchable products through our search engine, taking 4th spot ahead of TerryWhite Chemmart.

Price movement by vendors

A total of 25,930 price movements have been recorded over the period of 20 to 28 Mar 2018. More than half of the movements were generated by Chemist Warehouse with over 10,000 price changes recorded on 24 March. It coincides with Chemist Warehouse Easter sales promotion that starts from 23 Mar and ends on 5 April.

Priceline Pharmacy took the second spot with triple figure price movement recorded on 24 and 27 Mar which coincide with their 3 days promotions on various products. The price movement analysis also reveals that none of the pharmacy adjust pricing on Saturday, and very minor adjustment on Sunday.