Chemist Compare Data as Services (DaaS)

Competitors product prices is an important part of retail pricing strategy. Compiling competitor product price is often a manual process that is slow and resource intensive, where a staff member is dedicated to the process of gathering prices from the competitors from pricing sources such as sales catalogue or website.

At Chemist Compare, we have a unique process that uses machine learning and natural language processing to consolidate similar offerings from different vendors. For example, our software is able to recognise and consolidate the following product descriptions (from different vendors) into a single product:

  • Nivea Sun SPF50+ Kids Roll On 65ml
  • Nivea Sun Sunscreen Roll On SPF50 Plus - 65mL
  • NIVEA Kids Caring Roll On Sun Lotion SPF50+ 65 mL

Daily updated product price data is also stored in our database for historical price tracking which can be useful for price trending analysis.

Chemist Compare DaaS

Chemist Compare offer different levels of data services. The most basic solution involve exporting daily prices in CSV/Excel file format and delivered to your email. We also offer the ability to write customised report (using Microsoft SRSS) delivering tailored data to your mailbox. Depending on the level of automation, we can also provide integration and consulting services to deliver a seamless solution to your business.

Daily Data Export

We can provide you with a daily data export of our product pricing database in CSV (comma separated value) or Excel format. You can request a sample copy of the data from us via, or organise a limited trial run of daily data export to see if it fit your business need.

Customised Report Writing

We can provide report writing service tailored to your need. Report such as daily price movement, price moving average, etc can be developed by demand. Report result will be delivered to your mailbox in Excel, PDF or HTML file format.

Integration and Consulting Services

If daily data export and customised report writing are unable to meet your business need, we have the experience and expertise to customised solution specifically or your business. It can include but not limited to:

  • Creating web service interface for integration with your business systems (CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence software, etc).
  • Product matching your products against other vendors' products. By importing product description from your system, we can use our machine learning process to match your product against other vendors' offerings. The automated product matching process will free up business resources for other needs.

Please feel free to contact us via to get a daily dose of retail intelligence in your inbox.

Last Edited on 9 Jun 2018